Nanofabrication Facility Staff

Celeste Ayala

Administrative Coordinator, Nanoscience Facilities

Telephone: (212) 413-3314


Milan Begliarbekov

Nanofabrication Facility Manager

Telephone: (212) 413-3311


Milan Begliarbekov, Ph.D., was named Technical Cleanroom Manager of the ASRC in April 2014. In this role, he works closely with CUNY and external researchers to develop and implement proper cleanroom fabrication and characterization protocols, and serves as the point of contact for users while they are working in the ASRC NanoFab.

Dr. Begliarbekov, who’s academic and research background, is in photonics and quantum transport, worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Lia Krusin’s group at The City College of New York prior to joining the ASRC. In his previous position he was responsible for the micro- and nano-fabrication and testing of photonic and electronic devices based on topological insulators.

Dr. Begliarbekov earned a BA in Literature, a BS in Physics, and a Ph.D. in Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology. His doctoral research involved the design, fabrication, and testing of graphene-based devices in Prof. Stefan Strauf’s group. In addition to nanofabrication, Dr. Begliarbekov’s interests include philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and poetry.

Shawn Kilpatrick

Research Program Specialist, Nanofabrication

Telephone: (212) 413-3312


Shawn Kilpatrick was named Cleanroom Equipment Technician of the ASRC in November 2014.  In this role, he will work to keep the cleanroom and its equipment operating smoothly and assist researchers in utilizing the equipment.

Shawn is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and attended the University of Iowa where he earned a BS in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics and a BA in English and Philosophy.  While at the university, he assisted with research in astrophysics fostering a lasting fascination with the subject.  In his leisure he enjoys running, watching classic films and reading, with particular interests in the works of Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut and Vladimir Nabokov.

Vishal Narang

Senior Scientist, Nanofabrication

Telephone: (212) 413-3313


Vishal Narang, Ph.D., joined the ASRC as a Process Engineer for its Nanofabrication facility in February 2016. In this role he assists faculty, staff and students in conducting research at the ASRC NanoFab facility.

Dr. Narang received his Ph.D. from West Virginia University in 2015 with a focus on the piezoelectric, structural and magnetic properties of Erbium alloyed AlN thin films. During this period, he also contributed to the design, fabrication and characterization of III-nitride based LEDs and HEMT devices in Prof. Dimitris Korakakis’ group. As a postdoc with Prof. Mohindar Seehra, he investigated the structural properties of graphene-based materials using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy.

Jasmine Sabio

Nanofabrication Process Engineer

Telephone: (212) 413-3328


Jasmine Sabio joined the ASRC as a Process Engineer for its Nanofabrication facility in July 2017. In this role she assists faculty, staff, students and industry in conducting research at the facility.

Jasmine received her BS in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alabama in 2015 and her MS in Chemical Engineering at New York University in 2017. During her graduate studies at NYU, she focused on the design and fabrication of microreactors to study catalysis reactions in Prof. Ryan Hartman’s research group.